Kenneth A. Frank, D.C. -
100 Iron Point Circle
Folsom CA 95630 
Welcome!  Dr. Frank is the Sacramento areas leading all and Chronic Headache Specialist. His unique approach called "Brain Based Therapy" is the newest revolutionary treatment for headaches.

We provide a unique integrative holistic approach to getting to the cause of your problem. We support and treat YOU the not your symptoms, condition or disease.  We take the physical health care benefits of Chiropractic and couple it with the most knowledge in Brain Based Therapy Neurology and Clinical Nutrition. Brain Based Therapy, because the brain controls the body and the body provides feedback to the When this relationship breaks down so can your health. Clinical Nutrition, because your body needs the proper nutrients to heal and function well.This comprehensive approach allows us to see and understand what’s really causing your symptoms so then we can give you a customized treatment plan.   Because of this “Missing Link” in health care, we are able to offer our patients cutting-edge knowledge in the area of the brain-body connection and clinical nutrition. We are one of the rare clinics that look to all aspects of your health to get the best outcome.

Dr. Frank is passionate about the healing and education of patients. Dr. Frank treats patients of all ages.

Our ultimate goal is for you is to have: 
  • An excellent experience
  • A resolution of symptoms
  • To regain optimum health & nutrition
We accept most insurance: Kaiser, Blue Cross, Blue Cigna, Net and more! We also offer a discount for cash patients.

Dr. Frank has recently been recognized as leader in Chiropractic was asked to become a contributor and co- author of the book A Cup Of Coffee With 10 Leading Chiropractors In The United insights you should know about how chiropractic care can improve your health.                                Paperback – January 27, 2015
a cup of coffee with 10 leading chiropractors in the united states
A  cup of coffee with 10 leading chiropractors

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